FQ Phenom No. 3 Robusto


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Fernandez y Quiroga’s tradition began in Cuba in the 1940???s, when two families came together and paired Cuban tobacco with Cuban rum in the pursuit of creating quality products which embody class and luxury. With the rise of Fidel Castro in 1959, the families fled the country, leaving behind their life’s work and their beloved Cuba. Almost fifty years later, Matt Hunt has committed himself to bringing these names back together, and to create something special for people around the world to indulge in. FQ Cigars has created a product that brings forth feelings of class that are immeasurable. They use only the finest long leaf tobaccos and the finest techniques to bring an unparalleled experience to our customers. The Phenom line is FQ???s inaugural line which introduces the treasures of years past through all Cuban seed grown tobacco. Join the movement and remember that class never goes out of style.

-Description via Cigar Hustler

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