Foundation Cigar Company Highclere Castle Petit Corona


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Globally recognized as the iconic face of the award-winning television drama, ???Downton Abbey???, Highclere Castle is now producing a cigar reminiscent of those enjoyed at Highclere Castle during the 19t???h??? and early 20t???h??? centuries.
To create and produce the cigar, Highclere Castle Cigar Company has partnered with world-renowned cigar producer Nicholas Melillo, the former head of Drew Estate Nicaragua. Nicholas formed Foundation Cigar Company in 2015 to craft hand-made cigars in Esteli??, Nicaragua, and this is the latest in Foundation???s exceptional line.
George Carnarvon, the current 8th??? Earl Carnarvon, owner of Highclere Castle and farmer of the 5,000 acre estate, is an active partner in the endeavor. ???Having had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua and tour the tobacco fields and factories where our cigars are made, I???ve gained a deep appreciation for the passion and skill that goes into making a super-premium cigar. The cigar itself is an excellent representation of that, and I think my ancestors would be

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